Bonnie Yo'star

Bonnie is one of Yostershire's most dedicated and agile knights. Fearless, thrill seeking and determined, she is rarely in one spot and loves to keep herself active, even during a standard guard shift. Her gruff and strict nature are a double edged sword; She is an invaluable asset in battle, whether it's fighting or planning, but she may seem intimidating to those not well acquainted with her, due to not being very good at getting personal with others. Despite this, she is fiercely loyal to her kingdom, and won't hesitate to jump into battle to ward off any threats, no matter how small.

Basic Info

  • Full Name: Bonnie Yo'star
  • Age: 24
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Yoshi
  • Date Of Birth: April 25th , 19XX
  • Residence: Yostershire
  • Occupation: Royal Guard Co-Chief


  • Adventure
  • Exploring new places
  • Star bits
  • Cupcakes, and other sweets
  • Training
  • Sparring with other guards
  • Reading


  • Disorder/chaos
  • Being ignored or disobeyed
  • Being called or seen as cute
  • Cooking
  • Idling around


Bonnie easily makes her presence known wherever she goes. She's an active and daring Yoshi possessing equal amounts of brain and brawn. Her outgoing but strict personality can make her seem intimidating and unapproachable, and while it isn't far from the truth, she is glad to have small talk or chat with anyone that comes her way. She doesn't smile much, owing to her serious demeanor and dedication to the job. A natural born leader, she always speaks up and is able to take control of a situation, a trait that is extremely valuable in the Royal Guard. She's not an easy quitter both mentally and physically, and she always sees a way forward. She's not inherently a fan of conflict but knows how to handle it and rarely cracks under pressure. She'll always look for solutions before resorting to her best attribute; fighting. Despite her seriousness, she has moments of joy and vulnerability that take a while to show.

This lack of vulnerability is a prominent flaw that counters her battle and strategy abilities. She is not well versed in interpersonal relationships or being empathetic, due to her mostly stern demeanor and pride in being a knight. She can fail to understand and share other's emotions, or reveal her own. While she separates her troubles from her work, she tends to keep it all under wraps from even those close to her, unknowingly letting it all bottle up until it all explodes, usually in a fit of rage or tears that can no longer be held. She usually keeps people at a distance due to this, and doesn't consider herself capable of emotionallly handling others, which can make her come off as uncaring or selfish. Despite her strategic mind and prowess, she can also be very impulsive with her decisions or words. It also makes her a bossy and demanding figure of authority that doesn't settle for less and doesn't take slack from anyone. Her pride can also make for moments of slight arrogance.

With those who know her best, such as her boyfriend, the royal family and select friends, Bonnie isn't starkly different from the persona the rest of the kingdom sees. She is still relatively serious, but can be seen giving smug smiles and banter, as well as her best efforts to comfort or understand what someone is going through. She takes great pride in protecting those she loves and if she feels someone's been wronged, she'll search high and low for the culprit. She isn't very physically affectionate both publicly and privately, and prefers formal gestures like handshakes or waves. The only exceptions are her boyfriend Roy, her brother Clyde, and her dad Aero, whom which she can be seen giving hugs, playful nudges, and in Roy's case, the occasional passionate kiss. Usually though, she is on the recieving end of any affection and prefers to keep it to a minimum.

Where she truly shines is in the battlefield and in defusing conflict. Her sharp mind and gung-ho attitude make her a smart strategist that always finds a path to victory, while ensuring the safety of her fellow guards, the royalty, and citizens. She's a quick thinker and rarely gets paralyzed by needing to make choices, trusting her instincts and trying again if it doesn't work out. Even though she looks like any other Yoshi, her physical strength is above average and she is a capable melee and swordfighter that doesn't tire easily and hits hard. She can take plenty of hits without a hitch, to the point other guards have to hold her back when her injuries could prove dangerous. She is well versed in many fighting styles and tactics, and is hard to take by surprise. This is all thanks to her everlasting training, which she never skips a day of and enjoys like nothing in the world. She also possesses innate navigation skills, and even without a compass she can guide herself around thanks to knowing well Yostershire's night sky, and the local geography.


Bonnie is the daughter of the current Chief of the Royal Guard, Aero Yo'star and a Yoshi sorceress who travels through kingdoms, and Clyde's twin sister. Her family comes from a high standing within Yostershire, thanks to her father's connections to royalty. Her upbringing was peaceful up until her late teens, growing up on a happy household with ample space to run around. She's always been an active Yoshi, playing rough and tumble with Clyde and any other kids she met. While not as serious as now, she's always had a less cheerful look compared to to the average Yoshi. This sometimes led to her being called a grump by other children, and while it did bother her, her playfulness often countered her grumpiness. She and Clyde were extreme tricksters to one another, always pulling pranks and seeing who was the best at whatever had their interest at the time. She claims to have grown out of it, but even today she holds a grudge for some of Clyde's prankster victories, and hopes to get back at him one day.

She has always been interested in physical combat and swordfighting, and even before her father deemed her fit to have a sword she was training alongside him with a wooden one. She always looked up to the Royal Guard not just because of her father, but due to their overall commanding authority, skills, and the amazing armor sets and weapons they wield. From early on in life she made it her goal to become one of the best guards around, training endlessly and with passion from day one. She didn't take long to rise above the ranks, to the point that she is currently Co-Chief of the entire Guard, taking charge whenever Aero is not available.

While she has always been sure of her path in life, the moment that truly sealed the deal for her was the War of the Eternal Night. Yostershire under its current rule had fallen into deep disarray thanks to its tyrannical rulers with an itch for fighting and conflict. This would reach the breaking point when opposing kingdoms weakened Yostershire's power to the point its very population staged a revolution to overthrow their own rulers. The Royal Guard was at odds in this situation, having to fight against the people it swore to protect as well as opportunistic opponents taking a chance. It wouldn't be until all the opposition took desperate measures by summoning Kage Kosmos, the Magikoopa of Darkness, to ascertain victory. Instead, the evil magician went haywire and put the world's very fate in danger. The Guard took a stand, led by none other than Bonnie's father and the at the time chief of the Guard, Alphonse. Bonnie was just a teenager at the time, but despite the worries of those around her, she did her part in taking back the kingdom and saving the world, proving to others she was fit for her task, and proving to herself what her calling was: To keep her kingdom safe no matter what.

In the present day Bonnie's life has gotten slightly busier, but that's how she likes it. Whenever she isn't training, she puts it all into keeping the castle and kingdom safe, and is even considering having a child with Roy. While she isn't completely sure if she's ready, it's something she aspires to and she'll do her best to tackle, when the time comes. She also takes pride in training and recruiting future guards and is very good at her job, instilling wonder and fear into aspiring guards. Depends on who you ask.

Special Traits/Abilities

Starslash - Bonnie is never seen without her trusty sword, which she named after discovering its true capabilities. It was especially crafted for her and she takes meticulous care of it. The star in the hilt, besides looking nice, is infused with genuine star power that Bonnie can harness if she's focused or angered enough. It will store her energy until it starts glowing, at which point Bonnie can unleash it all in a fierce and deadly attack. She predominantly uses this energy by striking the ground with the sword, causing it to rattle and for cracks to form.

Super Dragon - Her super form isn't too out of the ordinary save for the fact it rarely, if ever appears. Bonnie by default is very powerful, but she has learned to use that power without needing to turn into Super Dragon. Much like Marie, the form can be triggered by a power star or unusually intense emotions. The form causes her to grow wings and increases her speed; she does not gain other attributes such as fire breath or ground stomping, due to these getting channeled through Starslash. Starslash is usually instantly charged the moment she turns Super, and combined with her already high resistance it makes her a true force to be reckoned with.

Strategy and Navigation - Bonnie is a masterful tactician, able to see the strengths and weaknesses of those she commands and planning out the path of most effectiveness and safety. Some even say that she can see in the future with how accurately she can predict enemy movements and actions, as well as those of her own comrades. She can also fully guide herself without a map thanks to her knowledge of Yostershire's geography and night sky, using the stars and landmarks as her guide.


  • Her surname, Yo'star, comes from her father and is a play on the Japanese name for Yoshi's Island, Yo'ster Island, and the word star.
  • Little else gets under Bonnie's skin like being called or percieved as cute in any way. She despises it and any comments calling her sweet, adorable or the like will earn you a slap in the face or a threat with her sword. The only exceptions are Roy, Clyde and Aero, and even then she rolls her eyes at any of their comments.
  • She takes extreme care of her armor and weapon, and can often be seen polishing it and fixing it when it gets roughed up. She also is never seen without her chestplate, even when off-duty, because she loves wearing it and feels naked without it.
  • She’s not a fan of staying around in one place for too long; she’s always on the move, whether it’s training, patrolling the castle, or just out exploring Yostershire.
  • She shares the hobby of reading with Clyde but doesn't partake in it as often. She's also an avid stargazer, as the activity relaxes her and keeps her navigation skills sharp, which were passed down by Aero.
  • She gets along really well with her twin brother, Clyde, often having a friendly rivalry with lots of teasing. Regardless, they look out for each other and their strengths combined make a powerful duo.
  • She doesn't show it much, but she is head over heels for Roy and can be heard gushing about him to her closest friends and family. He is the only other Yoshi she is playful with, but only in private, besides the occasional teasing in public.
  • While she is a fit and healthy Yoshi, any kind of sweet treat is a powerful weakness for her, donuts and cupcakes especially. She staunchly denies it, but if left alone with a box of them she might just eat them all. It used to be a major issue for her in her teens, and it'd get her in trouble with her dad due to the strict training regimes for guards. Nowadays she has it under control, but sometimes she can't help herself.
  • For as much as she loves sweets, she is atrocious at baking and cooking complicated dishes. One time, she nearly burned down the castle's kitchen trying to bake some cupcakes...
  • Her origins date back to 2016, when she was created as a tactician knight helping out Mario and friends in an old story where they were in an alternate universe to their own. She used to be from Yoshi's Island and was inspired by the Fire Emblem games. After the creation of Yostershire her story was majorly rewritten, keeping her knight and strategist background and most of her design too. Click here for an old drawing of what she used to look like!
Character Status Information

Boyfriend Roy is highly important to Bonnie in many ways. He is one of few people that truly understand her and see her for all she is past her tough exterior, even though she didn't make it easy to reach that point. Roy and Bonnie used to have a strong rivalry when he first joined the guard, as he was one of few guards to bruise her ego during training matches and overall learning by matching and even outdoing her skills. They're both also rather serious, which caused a few misunderstandings along the way. Despite all this, they always had a soft spot for each other, looking out for the other even if they were met back with a scoff saying they didn't need someone checking in. This soft spot eventually grew to the point they both developed feelings for one another, and eventually they got the courage to confess. Since then, they've been inseparable, and even if Bonnie doesn't show it often, she loves Roy a lot. She's learned to be much more vulnerable thanks to him, and while she'll always put up a wall when it comes to her emotions, Roy always knows how to break through and lend a hand she'll surely take. They're both avid trainers and guards and usually go together on missions, making them an unstoppable pair that is loyal to their friends, subjects and family.

Brother There's pretty much no one else Bonnie truly trusts and confides in more than her brother. They may have different outlooks and personalities but their sibling bond is stronger than anything else in the world. They both back up their weaknesses with their strengths, both in and out of the battlefield. Where Bonnie can be impulsive and harsh, Clyde is there to calm her down and hold her back if she might endanger herself, and where Clyde can be hesitant and uncertain Bonnie is there to show him what he doing is certain and to just go for it. They share navigational and strategic skills, and can give each other feedback on their fighting styles despite the weapon difference. Both of them also enjoy reading and can be seen spending ample time in the library, but Bonnie is the lesser reader of the two. Clyde also enjoys teasing and pranking her sister when the moment's right, much to Bonnie's dismay. Clyde's just about the only one who Bonnie permits any proper compliments and pranks to, even if she claims to have grown out of her pranking days.

Father Bonnie has always admired her father a great deal, looking up to him and the royal guard for their skills, weapons and bravery. Aero has always taken good care of her and let her explore life and skills much on her own, while still being there when she needs him. Her tendency toward being stubborn is part of this hands-off approach, as Bonnie has always had a rebellious streak, and Aero has wisely decided she would learn better from her mistakes than from scoldings or preemptive warnings. That said, he's had to step in when necessary. Bonnie is extremely close to her father owing to following in his footsteps and their passion for battles. Even today they can be seen sharing epic sparring matches that look as though they're bitter enemies; Aero has always wanted her to show her full potential and to never hold back. Bonnie also comes to him whenever she is in need, even if it takes a lot for her to admit when that is the case.

Yoshi Sorceress
Mother Bonnie's view of her mother is surprisingly mixed. A lot of the happy memories come from her earlier years, when she was there often to teach her kids through life and shower them with love. She had always tried to get Bonnie interested in the ways of magic, but Bonnie was always more physically inclined like her brother and father. Eventually the War of Eternal Night resulted in ample trouble and prejudice to Yoshis who practiced magic, and along with family issues, Bonnie's mother decided it'd be best if she left to explore other kingdoms where her skills would be better appreciated. Even though the views toward magic wielding Yoshis eventually healed for the most part, Bonnie's relationship with her mother stagnated. She only visits rarely and for brief periods of time, which is not as much time as Bonnie would like. She has always felt a little hurt that her mother would abandon her family like that, and while she still cares for her and is happy to see her, a part of her has had difficulty moving on from what happened long ago.

Best Friends Thanks to their shared friend groups, duties and passion for the royal guard, Zeph and Bonnie get along extremely well. They both enjoy training from sunrise till sunset, and take their jobs seriously and with pride. They can often be seen discussing battle strategies despite their different weaponry, as they're both melee fighters that pack a punch. Zeph was also an important confidant for both Bonnie and Roy when they merely had a crush on each other, being the one (alongside Arcus) who knew both sides of what was already a likely story; That the two Yoshis wanted to be more than friends. His quietness does make it a tad tricky to deal with Bonnie sometimes, since Bonnie can be overbearing and ask him to speak up often. They also share a tough exterior masking a softer interior, and Bonnie admits she can learn a lot from Zeph about how open he is of his softer side.

Best Friends Much like with Zeph, Bonnie and Arcus are very similar in many ways and enjoy each other's company both on and off duty. They're both adamant about training hard and even though they vastly differ in weapons and fighting styles, they give each other advice where they can. Bonnie was highly impressed with his skills when she first met him at his village, and suggested to her father that Arcus would make a great addition to the royal guard. That said, Bonnie finds a bit of issue with him and Zeph's prankster ways, and the two have found out the hard way she is nowhere near a viable prank target, lest you suffer her fury.

Superior Bonnie knows Alphonse very well in great part to her father and him being inseparable friends and colleagues, and has extremely high respect for him. She fought alongside him during the War of Eternal Night, part of which inspired her to further her path into being a royal guard. She has sworn to protect him, Marielle and Marie with her life and always comes along to guard them wherever they go. She considers him a second father or uncle of sorts, being a Yoshi that she can consult with for anything, no matter how personal, as Alphonse has pretty much been there since she was a hatchling. They also share a very serious demeanor and find solace in that both of their signifcant others can sometimes be incomprehensibly quirky.

Superior Being her other superior Bonnie cares a great deal for Marielle, and they have common grounds despite their varying personalities. For one, Bonnie has a slight fascination with flowers that usually only Marielle is let on due to the latter's expertise on the subject, since Bonnie is adamant about not being very girly or cute. They also share a love for sweets, although despite Marielle's hardest efforts, Bonnie just doesn't have the hands to make some herself without putting the kitchen at risk. Especially during her youth Bonnie percieved Marielle as a mother figure, since her own mother faded away in the years following the War of Eternal Night. Marielle has also come to see her as a daughter and is always there for anything Bonnie needs, whether it is advice, vent out her feelings or a hug, as much as Bonnie insists she doesn't need one.

Friend Bonnie is fiercely loyal to Marie, and while they don't often interact due to her being on duty often, she is always looking out for her and they get along well. She is often the one assigned to be Marie's bodyguard whenever she must go somewhere important or unknown. Bonnie also insists she should be more independent and battle ready, and that just because she is a princess doesn't mean she has to be defenseless. This has led to giving personal training lessons to the shy princess, but her disdain for weapons makes it a little hard to teach much. Despite that, Bonnie understands she needs to go easy on Marie, knowing not everyone is as capable of handling physical battles. Bonnie also has a great love for her baking and is often the one who taste tests any new recipes Marie comes up with.

Friend Bonnie is mostly just a distant acquaintance with Altair as she mostly only sees him when he visits the castle. Still, she knows how important he is to Marie and is happy to see him around. They do share a skill of knowing the night sky and Bonnie does enjoy visiting the observatory for leisure and learning, as well as keeping her starry sky navigation skills fresh with Altair. She is also quite curious of how he managed to turn a telescope into both a blunt and long range weapon.

Friend When he first arrived, Origin was met with suspicion by many of the royals, and Bonnie was no exception. Being very protective of not just Marie, but the royal family and the kingdom, she was wary of his motives to get close to Marie. They've butted heads a few times, both in serious and not so serious situations, but Bonnie has come to respect him and see he means a lot to Marie. Origin has also shown vague interest in joining the royal guard someday, which has resulted in training that made them grow closer. Bonnie is mighty impressed with his abilities and skills, and believes that if he ever chooses so, he would make a solid royal guard.

Enemy Bonnie shows great disdain for Marcus, possibly the most out of everyone, even Marie. She was never quite convinced from the moment Marie first brought him over for a visit, and Marie at first had to try and calm her down and not be so overbearing whenever he came over. However, Bonnie would be unfortunately vindicated when her suspicion proved right and Marcus's true motives and way of treating Marie surfaced. It took great restraint from other guards to keep her at bay when they all realized the truth, and even more so when he murdered Albert. Since then, Bonnie has always been on the lookout for Marcus, hoping to exact revenge for the pain he caused Marie and how big of a threat to the kingdom he could potentially be.
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