Marie Yoshizora

Marie is the only daughter of Yostershire's rulers, making her princess of the kingdom. She is quite cheery and curious, but from her shy and reserved demeanor you wouldn't notice it at first glance. She prefers to keep herself busy with her own hobbies or her close friend circle, and rather than seeking adventure prefers to lay low. She finds excitement in the smaller things in life, and can be somewhat sensitive. Her past has resulted in having an ample dislike for conflict, but if problems arise she'll do what she can to solve them, and often be very persistent about it.

Basic Info

  • Full Name: Marie Yoshizora Alastero
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Yoshi
  • Date Of Birth: November 20th, 20XX
  • Residence: Yostershire
  • Occupation: Studying in university


  • Stargazing
  • Reading about her favorite topics
  • Drawing
  • Being with friends
  • Cooking
  • Clear, starry nights
  • Walks in the forest


  • Dishonest people
  • Conflict
  • Swimming
  • Violence
  • Feeling lonely


Marie is overall a quiet Yoshi. She is very shy and reserved, usually being awkward around people until she gets to know them better. Once she does, her full personality is displayed; Happy, reliable and affectionate. Being royalty, she is generally courteous and polite with everyone she meets, and doesn't stray much from that aspect even in an informal setting. She is very observant of the world around her, but might not be quick to point out or speak up about something. With those she knows and loves, she is very talkative and more confident, capable of leading conversations and cracking jokes. She is quite sensitive, often being very careful with her words and expressions, but it also results in ample empathy. She is always willing to listen to someone's troubles, and is always there for her friends. Very dependable, Marie can keep a secret, give advice, and if nothing else, just give a warm smile or hug. (Or both!) Close friends are the only times she's more affectionate with others, with a love for nicknames and physical affection like hugs.

While her shyness is something that's always been part of her, it and her more sensitive nature have been exacerbated by her past. Her position in the kingdom combined with her shy, passive demeanor, have unfortunately made her a target for those who wish to take advantage of her or simply make fun of her. This has lead to difficulties reading other people's emotions or expressions and slight trust issues. She can also be somewhat clingy, wanting to stick around often and failing to understand when space is necessary. If pressured or angered, she tries her best to keep her cool, but this causes her demeanor to slowly shift to a more cold and aggressive one. This could result in her exploding in anger if she's pushed too far. She is also not very good at hiding her emotions, no matter how hard she tries. This is due to the fact her polite nature sheds away during this state, and her color changing eyes (more on that below). Above all, she dislikes conflict and prefers to keep things peaceful. She'll do her best to solve a problem, and she'll be very stubborn about it, stopping at nothing until it's resolved, which may lead to her getting carried away and causing even more trouble.

Countering her less advanced social skills are her smarts. Marie is knowledgeable in many subjects, particularly the sciences, where astronomy and meteorology are her favorite subjects. She also has a highly creative mind, as noted in her many drawings and stories she likes to work on. She knows every corner of Yostershire's night sky and beyond, able to guide herself just by using the stars as reference. While not as tech savvy as her friend Altair, she has some experience repairing and working on devices. She has custom built her telescope, restored a derelict starshroom, and is even working on a device to translate the noises a Luma makes, in order to better understand her friend Tico.

While fast and generally agile like any Yoshi, she is not very physically strong. She can fight if she absolutely needs to, but is not a very proficient fighter and her lack of stamina may result in her getting tired faster and prone to harm. She is not well versed in any weaponry as it's never been something she's had to deal with and spears in particular frighten her. The only exception is a grappling hook, which she can use to move around faster and battle more defensively, usually resorting to disabling an opponent's weapon. Her physical strength and stamina increase only under her Space Dragon form, but this is an aspect of herself she hasn't completely harnessed yet.


Marie is the sole daughter of Alphonse and Marielle, current rulers of Yostershire. As a child, her upbringing was very peaceful and serene. Her parents have made sure that the kingdom remained a safe place not just for her, but also for their citizens. Being royalty didn't really exclude her from participating in society normally as her parents wanted to make sure there wasn't a social standing gap between them and the public. However, it was this openness that led to a few unfortunate missteps for Marie growing up. Some of her friendships were not what they seemed, as some people just wanted to take advantage of her royalty status. Marie also has always been pretty reserved, and this timidness has led to some bumps on the road when socializing, sometimes being made fun of for her overt politeness or not understanding some customs of the general public. This has lead to some slight trust issues, but she has still managed to find her place in a small but loyal friend circle.

Her social standing and skills didn't stop her from finding love, however. Sometime during her high school years, she met the love of her life in the form of Albert Blizzflake. A similarly reserved, but much more outgoing and confident Yoshi, they met at the traditional Star Festival of Yostershire, and it was love at first sight. She hesitated at first, but Albert quickly proved himself as someone she could trust and care for, and be her true self with no strings attached. They had similar interests and way of seeing life, and their strengths complimented their weaknesses, helping each other along the way. Like Marie, Albert has a reluctance to trust people, but they were both able to see past that and even teach each other new things. With Albert, Marie learned people wasn't as harsh as past events made it seem. Truly, it was a match made in the stars.

Sadly, these blissful days were not to last for Marie. Ask her, and she'll tell you most of her despair stems from crossing paths with one Marcus Lazarus. While shortlived, their relationship didn't end well, and it left Marie not only less willing to trust others, but also being frequently harrassed by Marcus, who was now nothing but obsessed with her. Marcus would stop at nothing to not just ruin Marie, but anything that made her happy, and that included her new partner. One fateful night, Marie was being pursued along the darkened streets of a night of unrest in the kingdom, orchestrated by her crazed ex-partner. Marcus frantically chased after her with a spear, determined to prove with every one of his actions that he would always be there to haunt her. She was eventually cornered at an alleyway, and Marcus prepared to strike her with his weapon, claiming to make her feel the pain he's felt all this time. Marie was in a deep panic, and could do nothing but brace for impact. However, as the spear flew forward, someone stood between her and her agressor.

It was Albert, who had arrived just in time to try and take Marcus out. But seeing as there was no time for that, and Marie in imminent danger, he did the only thing he felt he could do. Marie watched aghast as the spear entirely missed her, and instead struck Albert in the chest, shielding her from certain death. Marcus, satisfied but also frustrated retreated immediately, knowing the royal guard would be on his tail. Thus, Marie was left in the dark alley, holding the fatally wounded Albert in her arms, as he told her that he loved her, and whenever he said he'd do anything for her, even when they were in bad terms, he meant it.

This event destroyed Marie. It zapped her of all her joy and cheer she always sported. Days turned into weeks that she had completely retreated from the world, barely if at all leaving her room. Even the starriest of nights weren't enough to get at least a smile out of her. Her eyes turned a faded blue, almost grey, that no one had ever seen before. She would eventually recover, but never completely. More than sadness, she felt a deep anger and guilt for the event, or for even meeting Albert in the first place. No matter what anyone told her, she wouldn't shake away those feelings. Even now, a while after those days, she still reminisces on that feeling of true love she once had. Marcus has gone into hiding following those dark days, but she hopes to never see him again. Partly, that is, because she also has deep, vengeful feelings for him, that she hates to experience as she knows they won't bring Albert back.

Nowadays, Marie continues her life with relative normalcy. She continues to try her best to put the dark days of the past behind her, with the help of her parents and friends. She aspires to be an astronomer, and to one day go out in the cosmos, if even for a short while. Her passion for the stars drives her to keep looking forward, for all darkness has light living within it.

Special Traits/Abilities

Changing Eye Colors - Marie's eyes have a unique property, that being that they change their color based on her emotions. This is a great way to track her emotions and catch her in a lie. When she's feeling very happy, her eyes glow a brighter blue. When she's feeling sadness, they become a darker, dimmer blue. Should she feel shocked or afraid, they will turn completely gray. If her anger reaches the boiling point, they will glow a dark purple. Lastly, if she's feeling flirtatious or in love, her eyes will be a bright pink. This trait is inherited from her father, and she has no control over it, much to her occasional dismay.

Spin Attack - Thanks to her Luma friend, Tico, Marie has slightly learned to use the spin move that Lumas can pass to others. She can use it to gain extra height, break certain items or structures and attack opponents, but due to her low stamina this move can be very risky to her as an attack. Tico is in the process of teaching her to be more resistant and less clumsy while pulling off the attack.

Grappling Hook - Due to Marie's own inexperience and distaste for conflict, she doesn't wield any weapons. However, she does have a grappling hook that was crafted by her friend Altair, initially for a simple experiment they were doing. Over time she has trained to use it not just in battle, but as a tool that can get her out of a pinch and help her reach higher spots, or cover long distances. In battle she can use it to disable opponent's weapons or even cut them with the sharp tip of the hook if they aren't careful. The weapon has some metal on it that can also make it a blunt weapon should Marie ever be in close combat.

Space Dragon - Like most Yoshis, Marie can turn into an enhanced dragon form (like Yoshi's final smash pre-Ultimate). This can happen to her when under the effects of a power star, but intense emotions have a very slight chance of triggering it too, particularly sadness and rage. As Space Dragon, she grows wings, her eyes turn yellow, her star brooch turns into a Grand Star brooch, and her cape changes to a different design that accommodates her wings. She can additionally breathe fire and rattle the ground by stomping it. This also makes her impervious to most attacks and enhances her agility, but due to her default physical state the transformation takes a toll on her. It may leave her with low energy or knock her out entirely by the time the effects are over, and while she has full control over how much it lasts, the longer the duration the more exhausted she'll be. Her emotions at the time of transforming are also key to how she behaves. She gets a noticeable bravery boost from the form, but if she transforms under rage, she’ll be far more aggressive and act more rashly, regardless of who she’s up against.


  • Her first surname, Yoshizora, comes from her father and is a play on the Japanese word hoshizora, meaning starry sky. The second surname, Alastero comes from her mother is a portmanteau of Ala, which is Spanish for wing, and the word asteroid.
  • Unlike many of her species, she can't swim very well; in fact, she despises it. One of her fears is actually drowning, due to a bad experience she had on a school trip a long time ago. While she enjoys trips to the beach sometimes, the sand is the limit for her.
  • The star shaped brooch on her chest can also provide a tell of her true emotions, as it will glow or dim similarly to her eyes. It also doubles as a locket with a picture of Albert inside.
  • The bracelets in her arms each have a different meaning. The yellow and red gem ones are customary of Yostershire royals, respectively signifying the bright stars the kingdom culture is closely tied to and the blood once spilled for a peaceful kingdom. The lone star gem bracelet on her left arm signifies her relationship with Albert, who used to have one on his right arm to match hers too.
  • Despite being an integral part of her species, she is rather awkward about laying eggs and using them as weapons or other things.
  • Even if she was raised in a royal household with proper manners, she does not utilize them outside of formal outings or occasions, much to the dismay of her father. She also doesn't wear a tiara outside of formal occasions, and prefers to keep the fact she's a princess on a low profile, rather than boast about it or use it to her advantage.
  • She is terribly afraid of spears as a result of Albert's death.
  • She is a relatively good cook and can make a variety of dishes, mainly bakery stuff like cakes and donuts.
  • Star Bits are her favorite food above anything else.
  • While her mother, Marielle has wings, she didn't inherit them in a permanent way; she can only have them while in her Space Dragon form. She has always been mildly bothered by this and one of her lifelong wishes is to have wings permanently.
Character Status Information

Best Friends Altair is Marie's closest friend. They know each other since basically childhood, with good chemistry out of the gate thanks to their shared passion for the cosmos. They both consider themselves siblings given how similar their interests and personalities are. He is the only one that can rival her knowledge of her favorite topics and is one of the people she consults whenever technological or mechanical tinkering is needed, as Altair has far more expertise in that area. They also know just about everything of each other, and as such can hide no secrets. If one of them is not feeling well, the other will know right away. She has also taught Altair to be less distanced from others and more expressive too, as Altair is more reserved than her. Many times has Altair been surprise hugged by Marie, just because! She was also of great help rebuilding the kingdom's main observatory, and often stays over for research, sleepovers, or both!

Father Marie is very close to her father, as he has always been dedicated to her care and wellbeing from day one. He has taught her about the arts and sciences, instilled in her the passion for outer space, and shown her to always give it her all and be responsible. All her education and manners come from him, as he is very strict about being royalty and wants things to be in a perfect order. While she is a stickler for the rules like him, she isn't a big fan of the whole royal etiquette, which slightly bothers Alphonse when she doesn't introduce herself or act properly. He is also much more serious, but has a deeper understanding of emotions, as he is a very sensitive Yoshi. His sometimes shifting mood has passed down to Marie, which is especially notable when she's under pressure or in her Space Dragon form. Marie can always trust him when she is not feeling well or in need of advice on many fronts, and looks up to him as a role model in terms of leading Yostershire, like he hopes she will do one day. However, Alphonse does not have much of a sense of humor and is very protective of his only daughter, as it took a while for him to trust Albert.

Mother Marie is just as close with her mother, and has always looked up to her with a sense of wonder. It may be due to her wings, always beautifully flapping at all times, something Marie sadly doesn't have. It could also be due to her stark contrast in personality compared to Alphonse, not usually seen in royalty. As Alphonse is sometimes busy with his job of running Yostershire, Marie has spent somewhat more time with her mother at their palace. Marielle has taught her to not fret too much about the seriousness of life and to take it easy when the going gets tough. Contrary to Alphonse, she is much more lighthearted and expressive, and is not as strong on the royal etiquette. While she is not as protective, she has always made it clear to Marie she has to stand for herself, and take action when necessary. Marie can confide in her mother for more casual topics and humor, but Marielle is just as wise as Alphonse when it comes to advice and feelings. However, Marielle's emotions are more under control. In addition, Marielle has a more notable sense of humor compared to her husband, which allows her and Marie to bond over stuff like jokes and other things Alphonse sometimes just can't comprehend.

Friend While they do not interact much, Marie and Bonnie are on excellent terms. Bonnie has sworn to protect her from the day she first stepped on the royal guard, and is often the one assigned to escort Marie during any special events or travels. When she's not on duty she also offers to give personal training lessons to Marie, though as much as she insists Marie refuses to hold a weapon outside of her grappling hook. Still, Bonnie works with that and devises unique ways for Marie to defend herself should she ever absolutely need to. Bonnie is also a fan of her bakery, and won't refuse a donut whenever Marie's passing a few around the castle.

Friend Much like with Bonnie, Marie's in good terms with Clyde, perhaps even more so owing to Clyde's openness to socializing. Clyde has sometimes been assigned to escort Marie, and sometimes offers to do so if Marie's heading alone to somewhere he may consider of relative danger. He also shares with her the ability to use the night sky as a guide, and you can at times see him and Marie chatting about astronomy or giving each other book recommendations.

Boyfriend There is much that can be said about Albert and Marie, most of it positive. The pair was a match made in the stars, and complimented each other to perfection. Marie's shyness or differences in social standing didn't stop her from being deeply enamored by him. Despite their differences, the similarities won out, and their love was tried and true. Never even a moment apart, they would always be seen holding hands, cuddling or giving each other the occasional but passionate kiss, and they trusted each other with even their darkest secrets. They rarely fought, and if they did Marie was very, very stubborn to find a solution. Initially, Alphonse and Tico were wary of Albert but eventually warmed up to him and accept him as Marie's one true love. Unfortunately not everyone was so welcoming, chief among the detractors none other than Marcus, Marie's ex-partner. His resentment would reach dangerous levels as he would stop at nothing to tear the couple apart, and it would seem he succeeded the fateful night Albert took the spear that was meant for Marie. His death would change her forever, and while nowadays she's mostly healed, in some dark, lonely and nostalgic nights, the memories can be too much to bear for Marie.

Ex-boyfriend Marie and Marcus' history should be a shortlived one, but it has unfortunately dragged on for longer than Marie would like. They initially meant in high school, and actually hit it off for a while, dating for a few months. It wasn't apparent to Marie at first, but Marcus was someone that wasn't as genuine as he seemed. A troubled past has led him down a path of deception and corruption, which Marie would have fallen down on had it not been for the help of her friends, who didn't take long to see something amiss in the guy. Soon enough, Marie would witness his deception and malevolence, accompanied by a darkness in his purple eyes. A darkness she began to see but she couldn't explain. When their relationship ended, Marcus would go on to become obsessed with the princess, and vow to do anything to get her back. It got bad, to the point Marie had to involve her parents. Unbeknownst to her, Marcus wasn't just in it to take advantage of her; he had genuine feelings, down in that twisted heart of his. With the death of Albert at his hands he has gone into hiding, but Marie still fears encountering him again.

Best Friends Tico and Marie met one night when the Yoshi was out stargazing, scanning for a galaxy in her telescope when she suddenly sees a bright star quickly heading her way. Worried that it was a meteorite, she jumps out of the way in fear. She is instead greeted to a squeaky noise against the grass, and a bright little Luma laying by the flower patch she sits around. Ever since then, Marie has taken Tico under her cape and the two have become inseparable friends. Marie can't quite understand him due to the noises he makes, but she knows that he is looking for something, or perhaps someone… and she will help him find it. Even if they can't hold normal conversations, they share some interests, especially the ones that have to do with astronomy and stars. If Marie is ever feeling down, Tico is always there to calm her, and vice versa. Tico is also very protective of Marie, but not as much as Alphonse, by a long shot.

Best Friends/Crush One night, Marie was out stargazing as usual, at the edge of the forest she always frequents. During her observation, she noticed a bright yellow point flapping around in the dark. What seemed like a stray star was, much to her surprise, a peculiar looking Yoshi! Ever since then, Marie and Origin have become the closest of friends and have gone on many adventures. Hailing from an entirely different galaxy, Origin is very different to the people she knows, but she's been an incredible aid for him to fit in and get to know Yostershire, which he would go on to consider his new home. They both share a love for nature and the cosmos, with Origin always telling her lots of anecdotes about his home, and Marie excitedly showing him around the wonders of the land she lives in, either on foot or flying on Origin's back. Origin is someone Marie can confide in anything, and so can Origin with her. Marie also finds his wings to be particularly comfortable, and he's lended his special cape to her so that she can enjoy the power of flight, knowing how much she desires to have wings of her own. As of recent times though, Marie's feelings toward her new best friend began to change. With so many shared interests, pasts and time spent together, she's felt her heart get very fluttery, and her eyes spontaneously flash pink when Origin is around. All she hopes is that the feeling is mutual.
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