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Hey there! I'm Altair, and this is my observatory! In this tiny corner of the internet, you will find the ramblings of a space Yoshi and all the projects he occasionally undertakes, from art, game mods, and worldbuilding! The observatory is always in construction, but there is plenty to see! Check the about me area to know more about the webmaster, check around the galleries, or dive into the world of Yostershire! Get comfy and enjoy your time at the observatory, as there's plenty to see out in the cosmos!

Featured Art

Chasing Clouds - March 2nd, 2024

What's New?

05/29/2024: New artwork: Chasing Clouds! Really felt the vibe of this drawing and I'm super proud.

04/24/2024: A new character page is finally here, you better believe it! Read all about one of Yostershire's fiercest guard gals, Bonnie Yo'star! The only unfinished aspect of the page is about her parents who don't have an icon yet. (And in the case of her mom, a name, oops) I'll hopefully work on them enough to add that. Otherwise, enjoy reading not just about Bonnie, but some additional Yostershire lore too!

03/02/2024: New artwork: In the Eye of the Storm! Drawing cool and epic stuff is always very cool and epic.

12/31/2023: The stories section of Yostershire FINALLY has a story! Have a look at the life of Marie's parents in Looking Out For You! Any sort of stories, short or long will go in this area and use a similar template to the character pages. This is likely the last update of the year, so Happy New Year, and may 2024 be an awesome year for all of us!

11/13/2023: New artwork: Marielle's new look! I'll be doing more renders of this new style, especially for characters that don't get enough drawings!

11/7/2023: New artwork: Marie with a new style! Been changing up my drawing style for Yoshis and I'm happy with what I've got!

10/13/2023: Suddenly, major changes! The site has recieved a slightly new look, mainly organizing the layouts and hopefully optimizing the site:

  • The homepage and about pages use a more contained layout that makes it easier to read and not a bunch of disparate squares. The about page has also been slightly updated.
  • The images for the art gallery now have lazy loading on them, to make it easier to see the page on a weaker connection.
  • The blog entries list now uses the styling for the blog itself.
  • The updates here on the home page are now merged into one for simplicity's sake. I might color code them to differ from site and art updates.

I was going to change up the Mod Archive and buttons to access subsections, but I don't really have many ideas and they are okay as they are, so they'll be updated eventually.

10/9/2023: No major changes to the site, I just wanted to say that the site hasn't been abandoned or anything. Life's been a little busy and stressful lately which has kept me away from all my creative endeavors. I hope to be getting back to them soon, especially because I want to revamp some areas of the site. That and explore Neocities more, which also takes time. As always, stay tuned! Also, new artwork: Adrift Altair! Drawing space scenery really gives me life honestly, it's the best thing ever.

7/23/2023: I am not dead! Just incredibly busy and tired to focus on art or the site. More stuff to come soon for sure! For the time being, enjoy a new artwork: Passionate Kiss!

5/29/2023: The Shimeji collection keeps on growing! Play around with Donoshi, and 2 new variants: Donoshi riding a big boot, and Marie riding her Starshroom! Marie and Donoshi can transform into this variants as they please. Altair, Donoshi and Marie all also have new actions: Eating food and jumping at the screen! Plus new falling animations, and other small interactions.

5/3/2023: New artwork: Starlight Lovers. I finally like my art enough to make myself a wallpaper, yay!

4/7/2023: After months of putting it off, the character pages are FINALLY here! Well, one of them at least. Get to know Marie in depth by visiting her character profile page! It will also serve as a base to more easily craft the pages of everyone else, so get ready to get lots and lots of lore in the coming months!

3/26/2023: "New" artwork: Under The Stars. I actually made this back in August but never posted it, lol

3/17/2023: New artwork: Fearless Knight. Witness Bon in her battle-ready glory!

1/9/2023: Updated the fanart page to include some amazing art I got lately! Plus, Yostershire's Characters page has updated icons, courtesy of my good friend Fantom! Thanks a lot!

11/18/2022: The observatory is now mobile friendly! For the most part. It took me much less effort than expected, but most pages and their elements should display correctly on mobile devices! The Mod Showroom and Yostershire sections however are still not mobile friendly due to how their code is set up. I do plan to change the modding section in the future, but for now those two places won't look good on mobile. Everything else however is good!

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